The BrINTERNS’ Farewell: A Chicago Doughnut Review

The BrINTERNS’ Farewell: A Chicago Doughnut Review

Luis here again! If you have been following the #BrINTERNS through their delicious journey of visiting the best doughnut shops in Chicago, then you probably know about all the great choices these great little shops have.

Doughnut runs began as a way for the interns at Britannica to get together and share our experiences in different departments in the office and what challenges we face from day to day. Throughout our summer here, we have shared some of our favorite memories (and doughnut shops, of course) from our summer as #BrINTERNS.


My favorite memory at Britannica is the water balloon fight we had after field day at Mitchell Elementary School. Playing with the kids was so much fun, and what better way to cool down than by throwing water balloons at coworkers? Taking the CTA back to the office soaking wet was also a comical plus!

Favorite Doughnut Shop: Firecakes, for its super delicious vegan doughnut.


My favorite memory at Britannica would definitely be having the opportunity to work in the city in such a welcoming office environment! Whether I was working on some market research or participating in silly activities with the #BrINTERNS, I always had a blast and wouldn’t trade away this summer for any other experience!

Favorite Doughnut Shop: Do-Rite Donuts. Their Buttermilk Old Fashioned was the best doughnut I had ever had.


My favorite #BrINTERNS memory this summer was our plant challenge! All of the interns planted seeds in mugs that say “Britannica <3 Librarians” to see whose plants would actually sprout and grow. I accidentally planted too many seeds (whoops), but my plant definitely is winning right now!

Favorite Doughnut Shop: The Vault.


As the youngest Britannica intern (Remember? I was born on a leap year, so I’m 5 and a half!), I thought it was really amazing to work for a company that’s having its 250th birthday next year. The first issue of Britannica came out on December 10, 1768. It’s crazy to think about all of the changes that have happened both throughout history and within the company. I enjoyed working for a company with such a rich legacy.

Favorite Doughnut Shop: Do-Rite Donuts.

This will be the end of our summer journeys to doughnut shops around Chicago, and it was definitely a fun and delicious experience. All of the #BrINTERNS here are happy to have been part of such a great company and hope to carry our great experiences onward with us.

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