Meet the #BrINTERNS, the Britannica Interns!

Meet the #BrINTERNS, the Britannica Interns!

Hey! I’m Luis, one of the Britannica interns for the summer. Doughnuts are pretty well loved here at Britannica, which is convenient because Chicago (our headquarters) is the city of foodie indulgence.

“Doughnut runs” started as a way for Britannica interns from different departments to get together, bond, and talk about our experiences at Britannica. Our beloved supervisor, Rosaline, would pick a new shop every week, and we would try different doughnuts. We decided to create a social media series to talk about our doughnut runs, which shops we visit, which doughnuts “take the cake,” and what it’s like to be one of the Britannica interns.

First things first…meet our crew!

Meet Luis: Well, you’ve already met me! I’m a marketing intern for Britannica Digital Learning, which is the division of Britannica that offers products for the educational market: K-12 classrooms, higher-level education, and libraries! I’m 20 years old and am entering my junior year at Elmhurst College with a major in marketing.

Fun Fact: I once won an award for shooting 110 at a mini-golf/putt-putt course.

Meet Nora: Hi! I’m an intern for the Editorial department at Britannica. I’m 20 years old, and I just finished my second year at the University of Chicago, where I’m an English lit major.

Fun Fact: One time, I went to DJ Khaled’s house and played with his cat.

Meet Jake: Hello! I’m an intern in the Sales and Marketing department. I’m 21 years old and a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am majoring in marketing and am getting a minor in economics.

Fun Fact: I was born on leap year day, so I’m the youngest and the oldest intern! People tell me I’m the smartest five-year-old they know!

Meet Kate: I’m 19 and a rising sophomore at the University of Iowa; I plan to graduate in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing with minors in philosophy and studio arts. I’m interning in Britannica’s Editorial department this summer.

Fun Fact: I once went body surfing with my 70-year-old great aunt, and she was better at it than I was. She also used to be a race-car driver and lived in the Bahamas, so there’s that, too.

Back to the doughnuts, though!

Our social media series will include fun activities that we plan together, special prompts sent out for us to answer, and, of course, our doughnut shop of the week. If you have a prompt or fun activity for us to try or even want to suggest a doughnut shop in Chicago for us to visit, please share with us and watch out for our posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this summer!

Our doughnut pick of the week…

This week we chose the mini doughnuts from Beaver’s Coffee and Donuts food truck. At Beaver’s, they start with plain doughnuts and let you pick your toppings. We went with Nutella Dream, which is their strawberry sauce tossed in with a Nutella topping. Every doughnut shop we visit tends to be amazing, and each has its own unique touch on doughnuts that separates it from the rest. Our favorite thing about Beaver’s was the self-serve aspect of choosing toppings – you can really cater to your sweet tooth.

Connect with us!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter under the hashtag #BrINTERNS to watch our sweet escapades!


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Luis Catellanos

Marketing Intern

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