Britannica Is Everywhere, Istanbul

Our senior vice president, Michael Ross, recently attended an educational summit and visited K-12 schools in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey.

The city has seven hills, requisite for Constantine’s “New Rome,” but Ross didn’t know it at the time of his visit. He refused to rent a car and preferred to walk everywhere and engulf himself in “the three seas.” Ross quickly discovered how busy the city was, the largest port and hub of its industry. The walk to the schools was hellacious and a tough workout, to say the least.

Hosted in Istanbul, Ross had the honor of speaking at the 8th annual t-MBA Summit. t-MBA is an innovative education model offered by Doga Schools through all of its high school campuses and also available to all interested schools around the world. The vision of the t-MBA Model is to create more platforms for teachers, students, professionals, parents, and anyone interested in t-MBA to share ideas, projects, and enrich their global knowledge. What makes t-MBA unique and innovative is that it is the very first educational model to be successfully applied as the reflection of a business model.

Over 1,700 students are invited to the Summit from all over Turkey to learn real-world examples and valuable lessons that can make their future successful. The Summit is self-managed by the students, who organize every detail, include branding, promotion, and speaking invitations to university professionals and other important leaders to help plan their future. They also get recognized and receive awards during the Summit, the success dependent entirely on them.

Other unique activities during the week, such as business plan competitions and business leaders’ lectures during the main event, are a reflection of t-MBA’s approach. Learn more about this program here.

In celebration of the successful year of t-MBA Digital, Global Youth Network (GYN), and Doga Schools, they hosted an exclusive summit bringing key people in all industries to network and build relationships. Among the attendees were business leaders, teachers, university professors, CEOs from various industries, diplomats, journalists, and students from GYN, t-MBA Digital, and Doga Schools. Ross spoke about the importance of partnerships between global brands such as Britannica and Doga Schools.

While at the Summit, Ross learned how much of an appetite there is from these students to be successful.

They aren’t just waiting for things to happen—they want to make them happen: be in charge of their education. They also want to be world citizens and are eager to learn English. With high expectations for themselves, the students know they need to earn their opportunities. They know that the school will help them achieve their goals.

The visit didn’t stop with the Summit; Ross also toured the Doga Schools to see how t-MBA’s approach impacts the in-classroom culture. Participating in a lesson about the solar system, Ross sat with students to get a hands-on experience of how they use Britannica to teach. Digital tools in the classroom are helping to shape these young adults to be independent and self-taught.

Britannica is truly everywhere! Although our headquarters is in the windy city of Chicago, we truly are a worldwide company. We have offices in Australia, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom and do business in South and Central America. We also travel nationwide to schools, libraries, trade shows, conference, and other events. Our resources are used in preschools through grad schools, found in libraries and law offices, and consulted by Disney, the FBI, CNN, and the United Nations.

We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Use #blearn to share your digital learning experiences with us. Where are you located? Are your students using Britannica somewhere out of the ordinary? We want to know!




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