Cool Careers: What’s it like to be an aquarium scuba diver?

Cool Careers: What’s it like to be an aquarium scuba diver?

Welcome to Cool Careers! A new Facebook Live interview series from Britannica Digital Learning.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Simple question, right? At Britannica Digital Learning, we reach over 140 million students in 83 countries around the world—over 30 million in the US alone! So we believe a big part of our job here is to inspire students and ignite their career curiosity, letting them pursue a future that brings them satisfaction, stability, and joy.

With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to tune in once a month to “Cool Careers,” a brand new Facebook Live interview series from Britannica!

Join us as we meet some awesome people who do incredible things every day and ask them burning questions like: What subjects in school inspired you? Which activities or passions influenced your career path? What is your current job is like and what do you love most about it? What advice you would give to a student who is curious about pursuing a similar path?

This month, meet Josh Laabs! Josh serves as a volunteer scuba diver at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, caring for the animals in the Caribbean Reef, Wild Reef, and Great Lakes habitats.

WATCH: Feeding time in the Caribbean Reef

Watch Kelli’s chat with Josh live from the Shedd:


About Josh Laabs:

Josh is a freelance visual creative, with 10+ years experience in marketing, advertising and photography. He provides services in the areas of User Experience (UX) and web design, photography, videography. Josh has always had a passion for the aquatic world and nature in general, and in the past 5 years he’s deepened his involvement in those areas with a number of non-profit organizations.

He’s a certified NAUI scuba instructor and board member at Learn Scuba Chicago (LSC), one of the only non-profit dive shops in the country. LSC has a passion for working with youth in underserved communities, veterans and the disabled. Additionally, he is the Creative Director at the non-profit startup, After 3 Productions. After 3 is a media company that provides unique and educational media experiences, like photography, videography and 360 visual tours.

About Shedd Aquarium:

Every year Shedd Aquarium welcomes 2 million guests for unforgettable encounters with 32,000 animals from the world’s aquatic environments. But Shedd is more than a destination. Our scientists are saving endangered species and their habitats. Our animal care experts rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in need, across the country and around the world.

Our conservationists are restoring the health of the Great Lakes. Our building operators are setting the standard for conserving water and energy. And our educators spark compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world.

We are recognized within our profession with accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, formal affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution and certification by American Humane. And all our efforts have been directed toward achieving a world thriving with aquatic life, sustained by people who love, understand and protect it.

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