Cool Careers: Meet Ravi Hutheesing, Founder of Ravi Unites Schools

Cool Careers: Meet Ravi Hutheesing, Founder of Ravi Unites Schools

Welcome to Cool Careers! A Facebook Live interview series from Britannica Digital Learning.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Simple question, right? At Britannica Digital Learning, we reach over 150 million students in over 83 countries around the world—over 30 million in the US alone! So we believe a big part of our job here is to inspire students and ignite their career curiosity, letting them pursue a future that brings them satisfaction, stability, and joy.

With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to tune in once a month to #CoolCareers, a Facebook Live interview series from Britannica!

Join us as we meet awesome people who do incredible things every day and ask them burning questions like:

  • What subjects in school inspired you?
  • Which activities or passions influenced your career path?
  • What is your current job is like and what do you love most about it?
  • What advice you would give to a student who is curious about pursuing a similar path?

This month, meet Ravi Hutheesing, an international education speaker who bridges cultures and unites generations through music and cultural common ground.

About Ravi Hutheesing

Ravi Hutheesing propels academic and corporate thinking far outside “the box.” His inspiring journey as a rock star, aviator, and cultural diplomat shows how to foster social-emotional, cultural, and growth mindsets that will create unity, equity, and world peace.

In 2018, he launched Ravi Unites Schools—an initiative fostering real-time audio-video interactions between student groups around the world. The idea was sparked by his ten year partnership with Shanti Bhavan—a boarding school in India providing a holistic education for the poorest of the poor.

Ravi began serving as a cultural diplomat for the US Department of State in 2015, giving presentations on entrepreneurship and youth leadership in Russia. In 2016, he went to Indonesia—the world’s largest Muslim population—and created songwriting and entrepreneurship programs that bridged the most severe cultural and religious divides, and in 2017, Ravi created similar programs in Iraq and Lebanon.

His worldwide visibility skyrocketed as the guitarist for triple Grammy nominee, Hanson, whose massive millennial fan base catapulted Ravi to the stages of the White House, Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live, and more. Simon & Schuster published his memoir, Dancin’ with Hanson, and he has authored over a hundred articles for major magazines. Ravi also gave keynotes at the National Association of Music Merchants in California, MusikMesse in Moscow, and Music China in Shanghai.

Ravi is also the first American born member of India’s Nehru-Gandhi family which created and governed the world’s largest democracy for over 40 years.

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