Cool Careers: What does a media producer do?

Cool Careers: What does a media producer do?

Welcome to Cool Careers! A new Facebook Live interview series from Britannica Digital Learning.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Simple question, right? At Britannica Digital Learning, we reach over 140 million students in 83 countries around the world—over 30 million in the US alone! So we believe a big part of our job here is to inspire students and ignite their career curiosity, letting them pursue a future that brings them satisfaction, stability, and joy.

With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to tune in once a month to “Cool Careers,” a brand new Facebook Live interview series from Britannica!

Join us as we meet some awesome people who do incredible things every day and ask them burning questions like: What subjects in school inspired you? Which activities or passions influenced your career path? What is your current job is like and what do you love most about it? What advice you would give to a student who is curious about pursuing a similar path?

This November, meet Alicia Haywood! Alicia combines 24 years of award-winning professional media production with a decade of media literacy work. Alicia is the founder of The iSpeakMedia Foundation, a board member of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, and an inspired educator helping adolescents navigate their relationship with media.

About Alicia Haywood:

Alicia Haywood is an award-winning producer who has been working in the professional media industry for 24 years. Among her credits: Fusion TV, Microsoft’s AltspaceVR, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah Radio, Harpo Productions, Onion Studios, AOL/TechCrunch, ABC Radio Networks, The History Channel, The Style Network, SiriusXM and more.

With notable career achievements spanning television, film, radio, and digital media platforms, still her most fulfilling successes stem from her role as an educator—making lasting impressions on the minds of the next generation. As founder of The iSpeakMedia Foundation, Alicia is passionate about helping adolescents—and the people who care for them—better understand their relationship with the media. “I discovered I was an educator during a transitional phase in my life. Since then, I’ve made sure to wrap media literacy around anything I teach and everything I do.” For instance, while at Harpo, Alicia served as Director of Oprah Radio VOICES, a pilot community outreach program she designed and facilitated that introduced media literacy education and production to high school students who had never before ventured beyond Chicago’s south side.

About iSpeakMedia:

 iSpeakMedia advances media literacy education through an evolving series of outreach programs within the communities that need it most. On a mission to make Media Literacy a household concept, this fall they’re collaborating with HealthCorps to incorporate media literacy lessons into classrooms across America and championing Media Literacy Week through Chicago-based events with worldwide potential. 

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