Support for parents in the midst of COVID-19

Support for parents in the midst of COVID-19

Essential daily routines, how to talk to young kids about coronavirus, and advice from a family therapist

Earlier this month, Britannica launched a new Website just for parents called Britannica for Parents, a free resource providing information, resources, and advice from trusted experts in child development and early education.

As our team conceptualized and developed this resource for parents over the past year, we had no idea the weight that they and their families would take on in the wake of coronavirus.

As parents around the world cope with school closures, anxiety, and a multitude of uncertainty, Britannica for Parents offers relevant resources, such as:

Families at Home: Essential Daily Routines

  • Due to the coronavirus crisis, many schools are closed and many parents are feeling overwhelmed. Here’s some calm guidance on how to structure your day for health, play, and learning.

COVID-19 Advice from a Family Therapist

  • The coronavirus crisis means that we are living in a new time, and for some children this may cause anxiety. Ellen Bee, family therapist, provides tips and resources to help you and your family weather the storm and feel safe and calm.

How to Talk to Young Children about Coronavirus:

  • Preschoolers and kindergartners are old enough to know that something scary is happening but not yet old enough to understand why. Here’s what to tell them about the coronavirus.

Ann Gadzikowski, Director of Early Learning at Encyclopædia Britannica, leads a team of experts who create and curate articles and resources that maintain a healthy balance between the solid core values of early childhood education, such as learning through play, and the benefits of new innovations such as apps, tablets, and other digital learning tools.

Ann uses her background as a teacher, mom, writer, and editor to ensure that parents have access to the latest research and expert advice.

Parents are integral to education and we are here to support you as you navigate this new terrain. We also invite you to meet some of our own Britannica Families as they navigate a new work-life balance as we shelter in place.


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