The Essentials for Conducting Thorough Research

The Essentials for Conducting Thorough Research

Once Again You Spoke, We Listened, We Updated.

Since the inception of Britannica Academic, we’ve worked closely with universities and academic libraries across the globe to understand their needs. I’m pleased to announce that in response to their feedback and suggestions, we have made major changes to our highly acclaimed Britannica Academic site. We have overhauled the site from top to bottom with a new user interface; new integration with ImageQuest; improved search capabilities; and a cleaner overall design. And now, like all other Britannica resources, it has a “responsive design,” to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop monitors to mobile phones).

Britannica Academic, which has been designed specifically with colleges and universities in mind, remains the Number One online general reference of its kind—used, trusted, quoted, and cited by the best institutions in the world. It includes in excess of 100,000 new and revised articles, with contributions from more than 100 Nobel laureates, numerous heads of state, Pulitzer Prize winners, leading professors, and experts in all fields of human endeavor.

Britannica Academic is unmatched in its coverage and accuracy and has been praised for its accessibility and reader engagement, with a variety of multimedia elements, illustrations, and research tools that accompany the articles. Its unique features and data sets include biography, subject, and contributor browses; e-books and primary sources; thousands of periodicals; news feeds from the New York Times and the BBC; editor-selected Web sites; an interactive world atlas; the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary; and famous quotations. Britannica Academic also contains updated versions of the World Data Analyst and articles from the Britannica Book of the Year—as well as thousands of photographs, videos, tables, graphs, and illustrations.

Also included with this new release is a unique “Article History” feature, which allows every user to see every update or editorial change in every article. So when we say that we are up to date, “Article History” proves it.

Furthermore, we’ve also made it easier to quickly expand research by integrating Britannica ImageQuest. Academic subscribers who also subscribe to ImageQuest will be able to explore millions of related images right from the Britannica Academic search results page! Access fast, safe, and robust resources—all from one search.

If you haven’t seen this comprehensive and engaging Web site lately, I invite you to check it out at Not a subscriber? Start a free trial today.

See for yourself why the world’s top institutions, such as Stanford, Harvard, McGill, the University of Chicago, and Oxford, all turn to Britannica Academic as a trusted source, a perfect starting point for research, and accurate information on almost any subject.

“Great information, easy to use, fun, and credible… what more can one ask?”

—Auburn University at Montgomery


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