New Year, New E-Books!

New Year, New E-Books!

Do your New Year’s resolutions include reading new e-books, diving in to exciting subject areas, or infusing more digital resources into your classrooms and libraries? Britannica’s new e-books have you covered. To celebrate the start of 2017, we’re introducing over 130 new titles across 19 new subject collections. There’s something for every reader, every reading level, and every school’s budget. Purchase an individual title, a bundled collection, or join our annual subscription plan.

Here are our top 3 new e-book selections from each grade range!

High School Collections

People You Should Know II | 5 Titles | Grades 7-12 | Explore titles such as: Top 101 Women of STEM and Top 101 Reformers, Revolutionaries, Activists, and Change Agents. Individuals are recognized for breaking boundaries, elevating their professions, and changing the world.

The Study of Science III | 6 Titles | Grades 7-12 | Generously illustrated with full-color photos, charts, and diagrams, these wide-ranging volumes–including titles such as Geology, Human Evolution, and Space Exploration–are valuable as curriculum supplements, reference materials for research, or selections for general reading.

The Britannica Guide to Law Enforcement and Intelligence Gathering | 4 Titles | Grades 7-12 | The history of law enforcement and intelligence organizations, the tools and techniques that they use, and how many of our modern-day procedures and tactics originated are discussed.

Other notable collections:

The Britannica Guide to the World’s Most Influential People II | 5 Titles | Grades 9-12

Britannica’s Practical Guide to the Arts | 5 Titles | Grades 7-12

A Political and Diplomatic History of the Modern World | 4 Titles | Grades 7-12

Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership II | 4 Titles| Grades 7-12

Middle School Collections

Understanding the Paranormal II | 6 Titles | Grades 5-8 | This series takes a scrupulously critical and analytical approach to some of the more alluring areas of the paranormal, including cryptozoology, parapsychology, and human interaction with the spirit world.

Warriors Around the World | 7 Titles | Grades 5-8 | Understand the historical context in which each type of warrior (including ninjas, Vikings, samurai, and more) thrived; the equipment and weapons they used; strategies, fighting methods, and maneuvers; famous and infamous conflicts; and the lasting impact they had on war and history.

The Colonial and Postcolonial Experience | 5 Titles | Grades 7-10 | As European nations began exploring the wider world in the early modern era, their envoys established colonies throughout the world. Over the centuries, more and more Europeans migrated to these colonies, subjugating the local populations, taking control of the natural resources, and fighting other European nations for continued control of these areas. This series will examine the historical impact of colonization on societies and nations around the world.

Elementary Collections

Nature’s Mysteries | 8 Titles | Grades 1-4 | This series will pique the young reader’s interest in science and nature by examining natural phenomena, such as volcanoes, auroras, and rainbows, that may seem surprising or unexpected at first glance.

Let’s Find Out! Marine Life | 6 Titles| Grades 1-4 | These colorful, stimulating volumes explore the plant and animal life of our oceans and seas. These informative books support Common Core Science Standards, explaining how to evaluate evidence, understand scientific theories, and connect and relate knowledge. This collection is also available in Spanish!

Let’s Find Out! Primary Sources | 8 Titles | Grades 1-4 | This series introduces young readers to the importance of primary sources, illustrating how to analyze them, what kinds of unique information can be gleaned from them, and demonstrating the immersive experience of history they can provide.

Other notable collections:

Planetary Exploration | 9 Titles | Grades 1-4

Let’s Find Out! Transportation | 8 Titles | Grades 1-4

The Study of Science II | 4 Titles | Grades 1-4

Let’s Find Out! Community Economics | 8 Titles | Grades 1-4 | This collection is also available in Spanish!

Need something more curriculum aligned?

Britannica’s comprehensive curriculum collections offer a time-saving and economical way to make authoritative, curriculum-aligned content available in the classroom, in the library, or at home. Britannica titles in science, social studies, and language arts provide trustworthy resources for reading, writing, and research and create a solid foundation for your e-book collection. Choose from a variety of purchasing options—contact your sales representative for a title list and price quote.


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