5 Ways To Create Impact With Images

5 Ways To Create Impact With Images

Britannica ImageQuest is enabling educators and students worldwide to bring projects, classroom activities, presentations, and Web sites to life.

Dive into the top 5 ways that ImageQuest can take your programs and projects to the next level!


ImageQuest gives you access to over 3 million rights-cleared images from 60 leading collections, empowering the creation of dynamic visual content. Searches produce relevant results on almost any topic—animals, art, news, science, people, places—you name it, you’ll find it. To get students started on creating their own visual presentations, ImageQuest includes a growing collection of albums. These can be accessed from the “Get a jump start” section on the home page. See for yourself. Just this week two new albums (50+ images) were added: “Bridges” and “Summer Olympic Games.”


Along with the ability to do basic searches, you can also filter your image results “By Shape” (horizontal, vertical, square), “By Collection” (such as the Bridgeman Art Library, British Library, Getty Images, National Geographic Society, etc.), and to only display clip art images. By using this newly added “ONLY CLIP ART” feature, you can easily filter the entire collection of infographics, signs and symbols, graphic concepts, and cool vector illustrations. The search sorter control bar also allows you to tailor image-viewing options and image size.


Each image contains citation metadata that is updated to reflect changes in standards. Just this month, we added the MLA’s recent format change (MLA 8) to each ImageQuest image. Through advanced citation functionality, students can learn both the importance of citations and how to use them accurately.


ImageQuest provides a best-in-practice user experience. Along with an auto-fill search feature, an ever-expanding image database, and full integration with Britannica School, Britannica Library, and Britannica Academic (which allows you to navigate seamlessly between databases), ImageQuest now has a more user-friendly log-in feature. If you have created a personal account, you will automatically be signed into your “My Images” workspace—and you will get instant access to all of your saved images.


Use ImageQuest to create dynamic lesson plans that cater to multiple learning styles by incorporating images that tell stories and engage students—and wrap up units by enhancing content with imagery. Students can take assigned projects to the next level by integrating images with their original work, leading to more impressive results. Transform your school or library Web sites and flyers with these eye-catching photos. Universities can develop more engaging research results, presentations, and course content with images that can only be found on ImageQuest.

The possibilities are endless with millions of high quality, beautifully presented, rights-cleared images from 60 leading collections… and growing!

Across the globe, educators, students, and administrators are expanding their programs, papers, and outreach through imagery and imagination. How are you using ImageQuest? We want to know! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use #blearn to share your digital learning experiences with us. We might even feature your ideas in our next blog on producing engaging content through images.


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