Women’s History Month Activities: SHEroes Edition

Women’s History Month Activities: SHEroes Edition

The following activities are created with classrooms of all levels in mind and work best when paired with Britannica School. Contact your library staff to see if your institution already has access.

This Women’s History Month, introduce your class to some real-life wonder women.

On Friday, March 8th, Captain Marvel hits the big screen as the very first solo female lead hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starring Academy Award-winner Brie Larson, the film follows the journey of fighter pilot Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the galaxy’s most powerful superheroes. This month we’re channeling our inner Captain Marvels to shine a spotlight on some of the most powerful women in our universe.

Meet seemingly ordinary women who used their strengths and powers to shatter glass ceilings, challenge existing norms, and make a lasting impact. Time travel with us to meet Susan B. Anthony, Katherine Johnson, Sonia Sotomayor and others who broke barriers for all women.

Britannica School Resource Packs

Don’t know where to start? We’ve created resource packs to help—articles, images, videos, and more.

⇒ Elementary Resources

⇒ Secondary Resources

Dive in! Dig deeper with the following video and reading list

⇒ WATCH: American photographer Annie Leibovitz discusses her collection of photographs titled Women.

READ: 25 Graphic Novels Written By Women, A Guide For Beginners*

*CONTENT NOTE: With the exception of Adventure Time, Lumberjanes, and Bee and PuppyCat, the books on this list are likely most appropriate for older readers—meaning middle school and up. Please evaluate each title carefully for yourself before assigning.

Our favorite resource for gauging the ratings of pop culture material is Common Sense Media.

Now what? Make it stick with these original activity guides:

For the In Their Shoes activity, students will research a historical female figure and create four diary entries or letters home from the perspective of the figure of their choice.

⇒ Strategy Card: In Their Shoes (Women’s History Month)

⇒ Graphic Organizer: Event/Reactions

Differentiation Station: Britannica School Sharing Apps

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Britannica Presents: 100 Women Trailblazers

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