Britannica’s Early Elementary Essentials Kit

An all-in-one resource suite that supports both educators and students with engaging digital learning platforms and impactful professional development workshops.

A Complete Learning Suite for Educators and Students

Your role as an educator has never been more complex. Today, educators like you are responsible for laying the foundation for lifetime learning, ensuring access to reliable resources, and promoting inclusivity – all while continuously investing in your own professional growth.

Our comprehensive bundle of digital learning platforms and professional development courses is designed to meet these diverse and challenging needs. This complete solution suite is filled with a multitude of resources that optimally balance your growth and your students’ success.

Shape your young learners’ trajectories with trusted, inclusive, and age-appropriate multimedia resources for PreK-2.

Empower educators and promote culturally responsive teaching with helpful classroom tools and professional training.

Discover how the Early Elementary Essentials Kit empowers educators to guide students toward excellence.

Build a Foundation ​

Start young learners strong with two safe and reliable digital platforms filled with articles, images, and videos curated to cultivate an excitement for knowledge. And with customizable reading levels, easy save-and-share options, and read-aloud features, you’ll have just what you need to address a range of student interests and abilities.

Britannica School: Early Elementary

Inspire emergent learners to create, play, and explore in a vibrant, enriching environment with Britannica School: Early Elementary. This engaging resource, with its leveled nonfiction articles and natural audio read-aloud features, makes learning enjoyable and accessible for beginning readers. It’s the perfect launchpad for every young scholar’s educational journey.

Britannica ImageQuest Jr.

Step into a world of visual exploration with ImageQuest Jr., an ideal platform for PreK-5th grade students. With a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of hand-picked multimedia, it’s perfect for piquing interest and enriching classroom activities. This safe, controlled space allows young learners to explore without exposure to inappropriate content. Easy save-and-download features bring education to life, enhancing lessons and projects.

Grow Professionally with
Educator-Focused Workshops

Hit the Books with Early Elementary Titles

Britannica Books

Give young learners a much-needed break from screen time while creating a lifelong love for reading with two enjoyable narratives, 5-Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime and 5-Minute Really True Stories for Family Time.

Britannica Kids’ Encyclopedia

Packed with over 400 pages of intriguing information and stories with over 1,000 images spanning across the globe, the All New Kids’ Encyclopedia encourages young learners to explore the world around them.

Get Britannica's
Early Elementary Essentials Kit

About Britannica Education

At Britannica Education, we are committed to supporting early education professionals like you in creating an educational ecosystem where every young learner has the opportunity to thrive. We believe it is your dedication and skill that ultimately bring about transformative change in early education, and we are proud to provide resources to support you along the way.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Let Britannica help build the right training plan for your staff.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Expedition: Learn! Scope & Sequence

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View the available lessons for elementary and middle school science and social studies

Expedition: Learn! Languages

Spanish, Arabic, French, and 100+ more...




And 100+ more...

Translations available in 100+ languages for each lesson

Expedition: Learn! Reading Levels

Choose between 4 reading levels to meet the needs of every learner

Expedition: Learn! Spark Video

Each Expedition: Learn! Lesson begins with a video to spark students’ interest in the topic


Britannica Expedition: Learn!

Ignite the spark of curiosity and accelerate learning

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