Continuing Education Preparedness Support

COVID-19 Preparedness Support

On this page, you will find information about:

  • How to Get Remote Access to Your Products
  • FREE Virtual Webinars on Leveraging Your Products for Remote Learning
  • Relevant Classroom Resources for Students

Over the past several weeks, Britannica has been working with our partner schools to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 closures, student absences, and provide as much safety and normalcy as possible to impacted communities.

As districts across the United States closely monitor COVID-19 and ensure they have preparedness plans in place, we wanted to remind you that your Britannica solutions are accessible at home and virtual learning support is embedded in your products.

For remote access login credentials, please complete this form and our team will contact you with remote access information.

Please scroll down to register for free webinars offered throughout the month of March to learn more about how to leverage your existing tools in the event of school closures or student and teacher absences.

Join On-Demand Training

Britannica School

Join our on-demand webinar for subscribers on how to best utilize Britannica School features to support remote learning.

  • Teachers can create packs of information and share accross the student body.
  • Schools can integrate virtual lessons with their LMS.
  • Students will stay on track through curriculum mapped content.
  • Staff and students can create their own ‘My Britannica’ folders for storing and sharing information.

Britannica LaunchPacks

Join our on-demand webinar for subscribers on how to best utilize Britannica LaunchPacks features to support remote learning.

  • Help students stay on track with curriculum-aligned content bundles, covering K-12 social studies and science topics
  • Support independent study through leveled resources, reading support tools, and translations that enable non-native English speaking parents to engage with at-home learning
  • Conduct virtual lessons through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or your LMS that integrate with curriculum-focused content
  • Leverage Kahoot! and PearDeck to gauge student understanding during absences
  • Assign lessons within LaunchPacks and view student progress in real-time

Need help talking about this in your classroom?

Britannica’s educator team has pulled together a series of content bundles to help guide students as they ask questions, search for answers, and understand how today’s events connect with the past.

Britannica School Elementary Resources

Britannica School Secondary Resources

LaunchPacks Elementary Resources

LaunchPacks Secondary Resources

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Let Britannica help build the right training plan for your staff.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Expedition: Learn! Scope & Sequence

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View the available lessons for elementary and middle school science and social studies

Expedition: Learn! Languages

Spanish, Arabic, French, and 100+ more...




And 100+ more...

Translations available in 100+ languages for each lesson

Expedition: Learn! Reading Levels

Choose between 4 reading levels to meet the needs of every learner

Expedition: Learn! Spark Video

Each Expedition: Learn! Lesson begins with a video to spark students’ interest in the topic


Britannica Expedition: Learn!

Ignite the spark of curiosity and accelerate learning

You are reading a Middle School level article.

For Elementary or High School reading levels, please contact us.