Britannica Education Unveils “Britannica English” — A New English Language Learning Platform

Innovative Tool Designed to Enhance English Proficiency and Empower Educators Worldwide

CHICAGO — February 7, 2024 — Britannica Education, a leader in educational resources and learning solutions and a division of Britannica Group, today announced the launch of Britannica English, a new English language learning platform. Designed to address the diverse needs of learners worldwide, Britannica English offers an innovative approach to enhancing English instruction through a blend of interactive activities, personalized learning journeys, and robust educator support tools.

“Britannica English represents our commitment to empowering educators and learners in the dynamic field of language education,” said Joan Jacobsen, Vice President of Product Development and Strategy at Britannica Education. “By integrating powerful technology with our expertise in educational content, we believe Britannica English offers an inclusive and effective solution for English language proficiency.”

Britannica English is equipped with an interactive, easy-to-use interface, and includes:

  • Initial assessments to identify individual learning levels.
  • Personalized learning journeys that encompass speaking, listening, reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Advanced oral and language-building skills practice.
  • Web and mobile app accessibility to maximize learning opportunities for all students.

Britannica English equips educators with tools to track student progress, customize learning experiences, and implement data-driven instruction. The platform’s intuitive dashboard allows educators to monitor individual and class progress in real time.

Britannica English helps make English language learning effective and enjoyable, empowering students, educators, and communities through:

  • Enhanced speaking practice that helps spark retention and gains in key linguistic areas.
  • Tailored learning approaches to promote inclusive education for diverse student needs.
  • User-friendly, data-driven instruction tools designed to empower educators and customize learning.
  • Meaningful, growth-oriented activities, which are easily available on web and mobile phone to bridge gaps and maximize access to the platform. 
  • Linguistic skills development to prepare students for opportunities and civic participation in a diverse global world.

About Britannica Group

Our mission is to inspire curiosity and the joy of learning and to help teachers, students and lifelong learners explore their world more deeply. We partner with educators, school districts, ministries and media companies all around the world. We provide effective, enriching and innovative tools, resources and ideas to meet evolving teaching and learning needs. Britannica Group is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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