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Britannica Education, a global leader in reliable, award-winning reference and curriculum solutions, has introduced a new current events feature to its Britannica School and Britannica Library products that invites elementary and middle school students to go behind the headlines to make their own connections between academics and the world beyond the classroom. “In the News!” delivered to students twice a week, comes with vocabulary-building word games powered by Merriam-Webster, interesting “Did You Know?” facts and links to articles relevant to the current events topic at hand.

In the News! engages students in current events by providing:

  • Breaking news appropriate for learners of all ages and reading levels.
  • Newsworthy headlines to contextualize the significance of current events and how they affect a student’s life and community.
  • Short articles, videos, and images alongside enrichment activities to help spark interest, boost engagement and encourage further investigation.

From building lesson plans around timely topics to discussing world issues as a family at home—studies have long pointed to the benefits of current events, teaching such valuable skills as reading and writing for meaning, media literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving and more. Of this announcement Britannica Education executive vice president Sal De Spirito said, “Today’s students are growing up in an extraordinarily complex time. Learning about current events in a more accessible, safe way helps children to make sense of the world around them and develop the skills they will need to grow into thoughtful, civically engaged adults.”

For more information about Britannica classroom resources, visit:

About Britannica Education
Our mission is to inspire curiosity and the joy of learning and to help teachers, students and lifelong learners explore their world more deeply. We partner with educators, school districts, ministries, and media companies all around the world. Trusted in over 83 countries, translated into over 100 languages, and used by more than 150 million students, we provide effective, enriching, and innovative tools, resources, and ideas to meet evolving teaching and learning needs. Britannica Education is a division of the Britannica Group, which is headquartered in Chicago.

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