Britannica Welcomes Mississippi Public Schools and Public Libraries

Britannica Welcomes Mississippi Public Schools and Public Libraries

Welcome, Mississippi!

We are thrilled to have you as part of the Britannica Global Educator Community. In partnership with MAGNOLIA (Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities Through Library Information Access), Britannica Education will provide a statewide suite of online resources for all publicly funded schools and public libraries. In the U.S. alone, 6 in 10 educators use Britannica to engage students and lifelong learners, plus meet the personalized needs of their communities. We’re here to help you do that!

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Mississippi will have access to Britannica School K-8 at three levels:

Fundamentals (PreK-2)
Pre-K learners will explore games, read-aloud books, drawing, and science exploration.

Elementary Level (Up to Grade 5)
Elementary students have a safe place to search, discover, and explore!

Middle Level (Grade 5-8)
Middle-grade students have curriculum-aligned games and activities, plus the ability to toggle between reading levels.

Visit the Mississippi state access page or MAGNOLIA to learn more.

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Follow us on Vimeo. Curious but don’t have much time? Or maybe you’re the person who likes to read the instruction manual first? We’ve got you covered with a full suite of short tutorials on how to use Britannica School.

Attend a webinar. Discover new ways to incorporate Britannica School into your classroom or library. Can’t attend? Get instant access to our catalog of on-demand webinars. Topics include media literacy, SEL, inquiry, and product introductions.

Check out our blog. Fuel up with our regular dose of inspiration! We’re here to share resources to infuse into your lessons, provide road maps for educational trends, and help you stay up to speed with product updates.

Explore our free resources. From graphic organizers to our guided tours with handy tips and helpful navigation, discover what Britannica School K-8 has to offer. 

Questions? Explore our FAQs from other educators.

MAGNOLIA provides online research databases for publicly funded schools, public libraries, community college libraries, and university libraries in Mississippi. MAGNOLIA’s mission is to provide all citizens of Mississippi with free, online access to thousands of full-text articles and research that can assist them with their educational, professional, and life-long learning endeavors. Individuals needing access to the latest research or information on almost any topic can be accessed by searching the databases provided by MAGNOLIA. Stephen Cunetto, Chair of the MAGNOLIA Steering Committee, indicated “MAGNOLIA is very pleased to provide Mississippi public schools and public libraries with access to Britannica Schools, a resource that will be invaluable to our students’ growth and education.”

MAGNOLIA is funded by the Mississippi Legislature. For more information visit


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