Beat the Summer Slump with these Daily Activities

Beat the Summer Slump with these Daily Activities

Easy, fun activities to help kiddos re-energize, refocus, and give their brains a boost.

For children, summer signals a time of fun, warm weather, and a much-needed break. While it’s a great opportunity for recharging, summer also presents an ideal time to introduce new learning experiences.

Although a school-free summer has its perks, it also comes with a slight setback: summer learning loss. Often termed as the “summer slump” or the “summer slide”, this phenomenon refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of the summer holidays. It’s a cumulative process, gradually creating a wider gap in learning each year. So, how can we counter this? Read on to find out!

Daily Activities to Bridge the Learning Gap

Don’t let all their hard work during the school year slide by. Prevent summer learning loss by spending a little time each day doing these educational summer activities. Not only can these help make learning fun for kids of all ages, they also encourage curiosity and help keep their young minds—and bodies—active.

Make Something Monday

From breakfast to dinner (and all the meals and snacks in between), easy-to-follow recipes are perfect for budding chefs eager to dabble in the kitchen, with a bit of adult supervision, of course! Give it a go with the Food Network’s 19 Easy Recipes That Kids Can Make.

These simple yet delightful family-friendly meals are not just ideal for keeping children busy during the long summer days, they also offer an excellent platform to foster key academic, cognitive, and motor skills. What’s more, this helpful recipe list includes enough recipes for you to explore a new one every Friday all summer, right up until the school bells ring again in the fall.

Take a Trip Tuesday

Have you ever wondered about the differences between a bee and a wasp? Or a butterfly and a moth? How about a cheetah versus a leopard or an aardvark compared to an anteater? Britannica School’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ feature offers an engaging way to learn about these interesting animals and many more!

Suitable for Early Elementary and Elementary level students, this feature invites you to explore animal families, habitats, adaptations, and behaviors and have fun doing it! Each article has vibrant pictures, multimedia content, and intriguing ‘Did You Know?’ facts to make learning about animals even more exciting.

Why not supplement your newfound knowledge this summer with a real-life experience every Tuesday? A visit to the zoo or aquarium offers the perfect opportunity to observe these animals up close, deepening your understanding of animal diversity and characteristics. Find an accredited zoo or aquarium near you.

Wonder Something Wednesday

Have you ever been curious about the fascinating differences between countries and their cultures? Or have you wondered about the unique landscapes and iconic landmarks globally? Look no further than Britannica School’s immersive “Geography” tool. Suitable for students of all ages, this info-packed resource is designed to quench your thirst for knowledge while having a blast!

Britannica School’s “Geography” tool offers several fascinating features to help you discover the world, including:

  • World Atlas: Navigate the globe, sharpen your map-reading skills, and enhance spatial awareness with a comprehensive view of all continents and countries.
  • Compare Countries: Select any two countries from the dropdown menu and contrast their population, area, and other crucial facts.
  • Tour the U.S.A: Get access to detailed statistics and information about each state in the United States.
  • Geography Explorer: Dive into captivating global geography with interactive maps, games, and activities to enhance understanding of continents, countries, regions, population dynamics, landmarks, and political boundaries.

Mark your calendars and uncover the wonders that await you!

Thinking Thursday

Discover what you know… and what you don’t! Get ready for an exciting brain workout with our Nature & Animals Activity Pack. Perfect for curious minds aged 8+, this pack is your ticket to an adventure-filled afternoon.

Test your knowledge and expand your understanding of the natural world with our multiple-choice Quiz. Answer questions about tiny insects, larger ecosystems, and everything in between. Unleash your word power in the Crossword, filling in nature and animal-related clues. And in the Word Search, sharpen your observation skills as you hunt for hidden words. Rain or shine, it’s the ultimate companion for a thrilling and educational experience. So, grab a pencil and embark on a journey of discovery!

FACT-finding Friday

Did you know that a squid has a brain shaped like a doughnut? Or that some butterflies drink turtle tears? Wrap up your week with Britannica’s FACTopia!, an incredible trove of fascinating and fun facts. This engaging book, validated by Britannica editors, features 400 curiously interconnected facts, offering an extraordinary learning journey.

Each fact smoothly transitions into the next, weaving an intriguing path through a myriad of topics. You’ll be amazed at the surprising connections you uncover, like the relationship between a giraffe and the Eiffel Tower, or a slice of pizza and Cleopatra. This is a captivating way to keep children’s minds active and support cognitive development all through the summer months.

Watch the Book Trailer with author Kate Hale!

Maintain Learning Enthusiasm All Summer

Keep the learning enthusiasm alive all summer with Britannica School’s resources. This online platform is packed with educational features and tools to keep students engaged and counteract the summer slump. Get your login credentials from your school librarian today. Don’t have access to Britannica School? Request a quote now.

We’d love to hear how these activities are enhancing your summer. Share your experiences and feedback with us on social media @britannica_edu.


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