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Need high-quality content
to accelerate learning?

Britannica has you covered.

  • Objective, nonfiction informational text written and fact-checked by experts

  • Paired with engaging multimedia content around standards-aligned topics

  • Trusted for two and half centuries

  • Pre-pandemic teachers spent almost 2 hours a day hunting for and developing lesson content.

  • Provide your summer teachers curated, vetted, and updated content that they can trust.
  • Reading support tools

  • Translations in over 80 languages

  • Skill-based activities built by curriculum experts
  • Support subject-area literacy and college and career readiness


  • Culturally sustaining and relevant instructional materials


  • Content and teaching guides to support educators in teaching undertold Black history

Accelerate learning with LaunchPacks

Get access to instructional content for back to school.

Britannica LaunchPacks provides curated, objective informational text, paired with multimedia resources, all organized around topics covered in the K-12 social studies, science, and ELA curriculum. 

Social Studies & Civics

More than 2,000 expertly-curated resource sets focusing on K-12 social studies topics. Informative texts paired with captivating multimedia content hone student’s inquiry and critical thinking skills while fostering a genuine curiosity in the subjects they are learning.


2000 content bundles paired with engaging activities and thought-provoking question sets encourage students to think like scientists by making hypotheses, devising experiments, analyzing resources, making conclusions, and writing evidence-based arguments.

Black History & CRI

20 content sets with inclusive and multimedia material designed to support instructors in engaging students on serious social topics. Classes will learn more about an under-told history while building their social-emotional skills such as awareness and empathy.

What you get with Britannica LaunchPacks

Resources that address literacy loss & build fundamental skills

Access to the all new African American Experience bundles

Equitable resources that can be accessed online or in print

An 8 week scaffolding guide for teachers

Live training and on-demand support for educators and parents

Support independent study and student-led inquiry

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you can trust

Objective, fact-checked, and continuously updated, Britannica provides nonfiction informational text, paired with multimedia content.

Discover over 4,000 social studies, science, and Black history content bundles.

“A good summer school program can help students make a lot of progress quickly. But the ingredients are a careful blend that usually take months to develop. Teachers must be trained…and materials need to be high-quality.”


Studied summer programs in five large cities before the pandemic

Lift the burden off teachers

Before the pandemic, the average teacher spent 2 hours a day hunting for and developing instructional materials.

Britannica lifts that burden by providing curated, vetted, and updated content that they can trust.


Best Remote/Blended Learning Tools for Primary and Secondary Grades

2021 Tech & Learning Awards

Support students with unique needs

Students in extended and summer learning programs are entering at different levels with unique abilities.

LaunchPacks provides 4 unique learning levels and reading support tools for developing readers and English Language Learners

“Just being able to provide students with the same content and information, but written at appropriate levels for their ability has been huge. Kids, especially during distance learning, don't even realize that they have a 'different' document. They feel the same as others, which in high school, is essential.”


Look inside a Pack!

Social Studies

Join a LaunchPacks training

Join us for an upcoming live webinar and learn how to incorporate LaunchPacks into classroom instruction, extended learning, and after-school programs.

Effectively master the use of LaunchPacks technology to differentiate for students’ individual interests, needs, learning preferences, and pacing.

Identify targeted learning tasks to foster specific skills such as reading comprehension, domain-specific vocabulary development, making predictions, and understanding perspectives.

Learn pedagogical approaches that increase student engagement and enhance critical-thinking skills while raising subject-area literacy.

Leverage Federal Funding

LaunchPacks directly meets requirements for federal funding, including:

Address learning loss, especially among disadvantaged students

Plan for long-term closures and ensure educational services can continue

Implement activities related to summer learning and supplemental after school programs

Meet the unique needs of low-income students, children with disabilities, English learners, and racial and ethnic minorities

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Let Britannica help build the right training plan for your staff.

Let us help you!

Find out how Expedition: Learn! can accelerate your students’ learning.

Expedition: Learn! Scope & Sequence

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View the available lessons for elementary and middle school science and social studies

Expedition: Learn! Teacher Toolkits

Expedition: Learn! Reading Levels

Choose between 4 reading levels to meet the needs of every learner

Expedition: Learn! Spark Video

Each Expedition: Learn! Lesson begins with a video to spark students’ interest in the topic


Britannica Expedition: Learn!

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