What’s New: Britannica Higher Education

What’s New: Britannica Higher Education

Welcome to the latest updates from Britannica Education! We’ve been transforming the educational landscape for over a decade with our dynamic digital solutions suite, with much more to come. As the world of education continuously evolves, we leverage advanced technology, deep subject-area expertise, and refined editorial and media storytelling.

We’re thrilled to unveil new platform features designed to enhance educational experiences for higher education institutions around the globe, including immersive, redesigned homepages, visually captivating media additions, streamlined enhancements, and compelling lesson innovations. In addition to the latest updates, we’re also highlighting some of the most valuable platform features. See for yourself!

Britannica Academic

We’re pleased to upgrade the platform to not only better engage lifelong learners but to also help them discover trusted academic content easier and more effectively.

  • Updated! Ensure a more compelling learner experience with a modernized look featuring a newly redesigned homepage that excites learners and streamlines searching.
  • Discover the resources you and your students need with simplified page layouts, accessible navigation, and improved mobile usability
  • Access the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus for easy reference to thousands of concise definitions, synonyms, word choices, examples, and explanations.
  • Improve your understanding of the world’s countries and peoples with the World Factbook in the homepage’s “Research Tools” section.

Britannica Moderna

Our commitment to providing up-to-date cross-curricular content includes expanding and streamlining our Spanish language platforms.

  • Updated! Enjoy extensive content additions, now with more than 47,000 full-text articles and 13,000 media assets.
  • Easily search and find words with digital Spanish-language encyclopedias for grades 9 and up.

Access and Integration

To help increase ease of access and provide more support, we’ve added new authentication and integration methods with many popular school and library technologies. We also became a member of 1EdTech Learning Tools and Content Alliance to ensure more standardized integration.

Our Editorial Endeavors

As a trusted voice in content development, curation, and delivery, we are invested in providing reliable and up-to-date information. Our talented Editorial team makes unparalleled content and multimedia updates throughout our products daily and chronicles all major historical events in real time—all for the benefit of educators and students.

In addition to our recent product updates, our Editorial team also introduced an incredible 3,000 new articles to Britannica Academic through our “March to 3000” initiative.

Meet the experts behind our trusted content and learn more about our seven-step editorial process to deliver trusted information worldwide in this video.

As we continue to uncover the latest enhancements and possibilities, we’ll strive to ensure our solutions aren’t just helping you and your students adapt to the changing landscape; they’re helping you thrive. Join us in this exciting journey towards creating more engaging, informative, and inspiring learning environments, as together, we shape the future of education. Stay tuned for more advancements to come!

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