What’s New: Britannica Library

What’s New: Britannica Library

Welcome to the latest updates from Britannica Education! We’ve been transforming the educational landscape for over a decade with our dynamic digital solutions suite, with much more to come. As the world of education continuously evolves, we leverage advanced technology, deep subject-area expertise, and refined editorial and media storytelling.

We’re thrilled to unveil new platform features designed to enhance educational experiences for libraries, including immersive, redesigned homepages, captivating content additions, and streamlined enhancements. In addition to the latest updates, we’re also highlighting some of the most valuable platform features. See for yourself!

Britannica Library

We’ve introduced features to help young library patrons and their families access top-tier content in recent years. Now, we’ve extended these efforts to improve accessibility for a diverse public and to make learning memorable.

  • New! Boost engagement with new and exciting content on our refreshed, accessible homepages for Children and Young Adult levels.
  • Inspire intrigue and discussion through unique, child-friendly “In the News” articles featuring multimedia, “Did you know?” facts, words of the day, and more—all specially created at least once a week by our in-house Editorial team.

Britannica Escolar y Moderna

Our commitment to providing up-to-date cross-curricular content includes expanding and streamlining our Spanish language platforms.

  • Updated! Enjoy extensive content additions, now with more than 60,000 full-text articles and 33,000 media assets.
  • Easily search and find words with digital, Spanish-language encyclopedias for grades K-8 (Escolar) and 9 and up (Moderna).

Access and Integration

To help increase ease of access and provide more support, we’ve added new authentication and integration methods with many popular school and library technologies. We also became a member of 1EdTech Learning Tools and Content Alliance to ensure more standardized integration.

Our Editorial Endeavors

In addition to the many incredible new updates at our Children and Young Adult levels, our Editorial team also introduced an incredible 3,000 new articles to the Britannica Library Reference Center through our “March to 3000” initiative.

Meet the experts behind our trusted content and learn more about our seven-step editorial process to deliver trusted information worldwide in this video.

As we continue to uncover the latest enhancements and possibilities, we’ll strive to ensure our solutions aren’t just helping you and your patrons adapt to the changing landscape; they’re helping you thrive. Join us in this exciting journey towards creating more engaging, informative, and inspiring learning environments, as together, we shape the future of education. Stay tuned for more advancements to come!

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About The Author

Mickey Tennis

Education Consultant - Bilingual Specialist
Mickey Tennis is an Education Consultant and Bilingual Specialist. She is originally from Wisconsin but has worked and lived abroad for the past 9 years and currently lives in Mexico. She has been an English language teacher in Thailand, an Environmental Educator with the Peace Corps in Mexico, and an online educator to youth around the world. She is TESOL and TEFL certified, as well as a certified Environmental Educator.

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